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Giving Clarity to the
Seemingly Complex

Never again lose Accountability, Traceability and Measureability with Reuliance, Your Integrated Compliance Management Platform.

2000+ ISO Standards & Governmental Regulations with Guidelines to Comply Included

Allow Team Collaboration with affordable Subscription Packages

Gain visibility with Dashboards, Document Repositories and Checklist Progressions

Navigate 1700+ Requirements Seamlessly

There are just too many scattered regulations and standards that need to be complied with. With Reuliance’s extensive database, navigate needed requirements with one click.

Save Rp200
Million in
costs yearly

Stop hiring pricey consultants in compliance management. Reuliance provides the knowledge, guidance, and platform to pursue compliance starting from as low as Rp179,999 per month

Gain 100% Visibility
in Compliance

Documents, To Do Lists, and Repositories have always been a hassle to manage in compliance. Why not upload them in one place with integrated dashboard & notifications systems?

How it Works?

Reuliance integrates all your needs of managing your company’s compliance in one platform. It transforms your company to a digital workspace & your employee to users

All the Solutions
you need. In one App.

Reuliance is the next-generation, revolutionary application that eliminates all your hassles in compliance management so that your team can focus on the more important things.

A navigable database of over +1700 Requirements with Guidance curated by experts

A single source of truth platform in compliance management with high level dashboards

Collaborate in pursuing compliance, never again scroll chats to get critical updates

Stay up to date with new regulation & standard updates

300+ Document Templates so that you don’t waste time searching

Security Ensured

Both database services have complied to SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3

About Us

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of corporate governance, there lived a group of visionary individuals who were united by a common frustration – ineffective and inefficient compliance management systems. Each one of them had experienced firsthand the struggles and challenges faced when trying to navigate the labyrinthine world of regulations, policies, and procedures.
Their encounters with convoluted compliance processes, scattered documentation, and archaic software left them yearning for a better solution. Motivated by their shared irritation, these determined individuals embarked on a quest to revolutionize the way organizations managed compliance.

Thus, Reuliance was born – a company driven by a
singular purpose to transform
compliance management into
something more affordable,
thorough, visible, and simple through the power of digital innovation.
Their goal was to create an integrated compliance management
solution that would eliminate the headaches and complexities associated
with ensuring regulatory adherence.

With a deep understanding of the pains faced by compliance professionals, as well as the finest experts at Levner Consulting, the founders of Reuliance set out to build a platform that would streamline the entire compliance process. They envisioned a system that would bring all the essential components together, from policy creation and employee training to audits and reporting, in one unified interface.

Our Team

“>Young Aspiring Enthusiasts in the Fields

Gugi Yogaswara

Co-Founder & CEO

Management system auditor and trainer with > 200 companies portfolio all over Indonesia, Kyoto University Graduate, majoring Environmental Management.

M Sammy Ivan K

Co-Founder, COO & CTO

Business Strategist with an agile & digital mindset, overhauling > 100 business process to achieve better productivity. Bandung Institute of Technology Graduate

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